A day after decreasing the Model 3’s base price by $2,000, Tesla is also surprisingly increasing the advertised range of the cheapest version of Model 3: the Model 3 with the new Mid-Range battery pack.

In October, Tesla surprised many with the launch of a new ‘Mid-Range’ battery pack for the Model 3.

Tesla says that the battery pack is the same as the Long Range pack, which was the only one in production for the Model 3, but it is equipped with fewer cells.

A source familiar with Tesla’s production of the new Mid-Range battery pack told Electrek that it has a capacity of 62 kWh.

The lower energy capacity results in a shorter range of 260 EPA estimated miles but Tesla was also able to lower the price of the vehicle to $46,000.

Yesterday, the company cut another $2,000 off the base price in order to compensate for the start of the federal tax credit phase-out in the US.

Now Tesla is also increasing the range of the latest version of the Model 3 to 264 miles (425 km) on a single charge according to its design studio.

Source: https://electrek.co/2019/01/03/tesla-model-3-increases-range-mid-range/