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Considering purchasing a new Model XModel S or Model 3?  Well, first of all, good choice.   You can now own these amazing vehicles. You’ll love going on road trips again, using Tesla Autopilot is amazing. Enjoy the high safety ratings and the sporty looks of the Model S, and unbelievable flexibility and green benefits of the Model X  and the economy of Model 3, you cant go to the future today.

Why is Supercharging Such a Big Deal?

  Supercharging refers to Tesla’s proprietary charging stations located through the United States and Canada. Actually, these stations sit along major hotels or in populous big centers so you don’t have plug your vehicle at home . This system works when you need a quick charge for road trips, charging on your lunch break at the office.
There are many advantages to having  Supercharging on your Model S 3 or X. Owners pay a modest fee for every Supercharging that is still less expensive than a ICE(internal cumbustion engine). Prices change based on your location. Back in early 2017, Tesla said a trip from Los New York to LA would cost Model X or S owners about $120 in Supercharging stations fees .
Tesla Superchargers Map
Supercharging stations
Beside as of 2019, there are more than 1,604 Supercharging stations with around 14,081 Superchargers. Many of these stations exist near shopping centers and grocery stores, hotels, so you can use Supercharging routines. You save time when you Supercharger with a weekly shopping trip. No more gas stations. Except the those with Supercharges like WAWA
Supermodel X charging

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Control From Anywhere

Get notifications and monitor charging when you reach a full charge on the road with the Tesla app.